ReservaPons made through this website (hereinaner, “the “Website”) will be governed by the provisions of these General Booking CondiPons (hereinaner, “the CCGGR”).”). Nevertheless, at the Pme of making each reservaPon, the Customer will be informed of the special condiPons (the Special CondiPons) of each room, these taking precedence over the CCGGR.

The details of the establishment are those contained in the Legal NoPce published on this website.

Customer shall be understood as the natural or legal person who completes the booking process, either for himself, or for other guests, their employees, etc., as well as, for the purposes of these GTCC, natural persons staying at the Establishment as a result of the ReservaPon (hereinaner, “the Customer”).

The Client, by complePng the ReservaPon process, expressly accepts these GTCC.

AddiPonally, the Client, by making the ReservaPon, acknowledges having read and accepts the Legal NoPce, the Privacy Policy and other published documents regarding the contracPng of the reservaPon or the protecPon of their personal data. All this, without prejudice to the fact that, to complete the ReservaPon you will be asked to expressly accept the aforemenPoned noPces and condiPons.

These CCGGR shall be governed by the provisions of the following


Applicable regulaAons

The provisions of Law 7/1998, of April 13, on General ContracPng CondiPons, with the modificaPons of Law 3/2014, of March 27, 2007, of November 16, which approves the revised text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Customers and other complementary laws, will apply to the CCGGR Law 34/2002, of July 11, Services of the InformaPon Society and Electronic Commerce, and other applicable regulaPons of the tourism sector. In the alternaPve, the provisions of the Civil Code and the Commercial Code shall apply.

Booking Process and CondiAons

● For the ReservaPon to be valid, the following condiPons must be complying:

1. Express acceptance by the client of having read and understood the CCGGR, Legal NoPce and other documents and policies of the website.

2. Customer recogniPon of:

a. Be of legal age and be in full use of their faculPes, having sufficient capacity to formalize the ReservaPon.

b. That the data provided by the customer are reliable and accurate, as well as that it expressly authorizes its treatment in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the Establishment.

c. That, in case of providing data from third parPes, it has the precise authorizaPons of the same, sufficient to provide them to the forms of the Web and so that the Responsible for the processing of the data, can use them for the requested service.

● Online reservaAons: The process of formalizing online reservaPons will be, in general, formalized as follows:

• Availability: Search for dates and selecPon of room type and number of people.
CollecPon of personal data, acceptance of the general condiPons and payment with charge to card via POS gateway. For refundable or flexible reservaPons, the charge will be made only as a guarantee.

• Where appropriate, informaPon on the parPcular condiPons applicable to the type of room or service you want to hire.

• Booking confirmaPon and payment. The hotel may send the user a link by email to make the payment. If said payment is not made, the hotel may consider the reservaPon as not made and, therefore, cancel it. Once the payment is received, the reservaPon will be confirmed.

• Unless otherwise provided in the condiPons of the rate, in non-refundables and refundables (flexibles) reservaPons the reservaPon will not be considered firm unPl the payment of the price or the sPpulated deposit is carried out.

• In general, non-refundable reservaPons will charge the user’s card for the total amount of the stay. In the case of cancellaPon or no show of a refundable reservaPon, 100% of the amount charged will be refunded to the client, unless the cancellaPon is made outside the period established in the Special CondiPons for each parPcular reservaPon, in which case no will refund the amount equivalent to the first night, as cancellaPon fees. In non-refundable reservaPons the money will not be returned under any circumstances.

● ReservaAons on request (reservaAons on request) and for Groups: For services that can only be booked on request, unless otherwise provided in the condiPons of the rate, the mere request for availability will not imply the contracPng of the ReservaPon, being subject to compliance with the requirements indicated on the page from which your request is made, as well as its effecPve confirmaPon by the Establishment. The reservaPons of GROUPS (it will be understood as those consisPng of reservaPons of ten (10) or more rooms) will always be made on request, since the condiPons must be analyzed in each case, and the rooms cannot be reserved individually in the case of recognized groups of people avending the same event. In the event that it is detected that people from a recognized group have made individual reservaPons, the Hotel reserves the right to cancel them. The condiPons of minimum stay, consumpPon or any other circumstance applicable to the Groups, will be communicated at the Pme of answering the reservaPon request. The applicant for the Group’s reservaPon will be responsible for guaranteeing the Group’s payment, under the condiPons that apply in each case.

● Errors in the process: Any errors in the entry of data during the Booking process can be corrected using the “back” buvon of the browser. Likewise, the Booking ConfirmaPon will summarize the data of the same. In case of detecPng possible errors, the Client must immediately request the appropriate correcPons by sending an email to the address that appears in “Contact” of the Web.

Content of the ReservaAon:

The services of each ReservaPon will be solely and exclusively those provided in it in the process of formalizing it.

Thus, the Client will be informed throughout the process of the services included in the ReservaPon or those selected by the Client, where appropriate.

Unless expressly stated otherwise, the prices indicated on the Website are Retail Prices, VAT included.

Price and payment:

The condiPons, the price of the projected stay and/or of the services requested, as well as the accepted payment methods, are those that are expressly determined in the condiPons of the rate included in the page on which the Client requests or makes the ReservaPon.

The transacPon will be made in EUROS, whatever the territory of origin of the Client or from which the reservaPon is made.

The Customer expressly authorizes the Establishment to make the charges provided for in the condiPons of the rate, for example, to face possible penalPes for late cancellaPon or no show, accepPng that the data of the means of payment provided are used to carry out the corresponding collecPons.

PromoPons and offers will only be valid for as long as they remain accessible to the recipients of the service.

ModificaAon or cancellaAon of reservaAons:

For each type of rate there may be special condiPons for modificaPon or cancellaPon of the ReservaPon made. In this way, the modificaPon or cancellaPon of confirmed reservaPons will be subject to the parPcular condiPons provided in the condiPons of the rate and informed to the Customer during the ReservaPon process.

Any modificaPon or cancellaPon must be requested from the Establishment to the email address available on the Web or in the ReservaPon ConfirmaPon or through the “Manage my reservaPon” secPon of the website indicaPng the email provided at the Pme of booking and the locator of the same.

In the event that the Client wishes to modify the ReservaPon and the modality of the same allows it, it must be subject to the condiPons of availability, price, addiPonal services, etc. that the Establishment had at that Pme.

Right of withdrawal:

For the purposes of the provisions of arPcle 103 l) of Royal Decree Law RDL 1/2007, the Customer has no right of withdrawal.


In general, the CCGGR and the formalizaPon of the ReservaPon will be wriven in Spanish, although they may also be translated into other languages (either naPonal or foreign).

In case of discrepancy, the Spanish version will always prevail over the translaPons made into other languages.

Use of the website

The Client undertakes to use the Website in accordance with current legislaPon, with the provisions of the Legal NoPce of the Website, as well as with morality, good faith and public order, as well as to refrain from using the Website for illicit purposes, contrary to the provisions of the Legal NoPce, or in a manner harmful to the rights and interests of the Owner of the Website or third parPes.

The Client must use the Website and its contents under his sole and exclusive responsibility.

The Client will be liable for damages of any nature that the Establishment may suffer as a consequence, direct or indirect, of the breach by the Client of the Legal NoPce, reserving the Establishment the right to suspend, interrupt, deny or withdraw access and / or use of its Website, at any Pme and without prior noPce, to any Client who fails to comply with the Legal NoPce.

The Establishment will be exempt from liability to the extent provided in the Legal NoPce of the Web.

Nullity of the clauses: If one or more of the clauses included in these general condiPons, is declared totally or parPally null or ineffecPve, it will affect only that provision or that part that has been so declared, subsisPng the general condiPons in everything else, having such provision or the part of it affected, for not put.

CommunicaAon channel

In the “Contact” or “Contact” secPon, both a telephone number and an email address are made available to the customer so that they can contact the establishment.

Other condiAons applicable to the stay

For informaPon on other aspects of the stay, such as the entry of pets, rules of behavior, clothing, use of common areas, etc., consult the hotel staff about the guidelines that are applicable at any Pme.

Applicable law and competent jurisdicAon: these CCGGR will be governed by Spanish law to the exclusion of its conflict of law rules. The parPes, expressly waiving the jurisdicPon that may correspond to them, submit for the resoluPon of their differences in relaPon to the CCGGR, to the jurisdicPon and competence of the competent Courts and Tribunals of the domicile of the Establishment.

Consequences of acceptance of the CCGGR, validity and modificaAons

Given that these CCGGR can be modified at any Pme, the request and processing of reservaPons on the Web by the Client, imply full and uncondiPonal acceptance of the Legal NoPce and Privacy Policy of this, together with these CCGGR, in its latest version, without prejudice to the parPcular condiPons of the reservaPons that are available and applicable during the ReservaPon process. Therefore, it is advisable that the Customer proceed to read these condiPons before requesPng or formalizing his reservaPon and each Pme he accesses the Web, since the Establishment reserves the right to change, modify, add or delete at any Pme part of these CCGGR. Amendments to the GGCC will never affect reservaPons made prior to such modificaPon.